Reports on the NewsCorp Hacking Scandal “Overblown,” Says Fox News

According to a “Fox and Friends” segment, Rupert Murdoch and the News Of The World are victims of an overzealous press.

It’s “…the most amazingly brazen thing I can think of,” writes The Atlantic’s James Fallows.

Watch as a Fox analysts asks “Why are so many people piling on? Shouldn’t we get beyond it?” NewsCorp is then portrayed as a victim of hacking, similar to Citicorp. According to the Fox analyst “all the right things have been done” by NewsCorp in terms of crisis management and the press should “move on” to cover more serious and important issues facing America.

 The Fox anchor then goes on to intrduce the next segment… which is about Casey Anthony.

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How Hugh Grant broke the News Corporation hacking scandal

Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!

That’s precisely what actor Hugh Grant became as he turned the tables on Rupert Murdoch’s legion of pseudo-reporters. On Grant’s part, it was classic investigative reporting. After a chance encounter with a former Murchoch executive, Grant followed up his lead in classic manner. Hidden pen-microphone in his pocket, Grant met his source in a London pub, got his source to spill the beans, and then turned the information over to Britain’s New Statesman newspaper.

You can listen to the actual digital recordings HERE.

Transcripts are HERE.

And Grant talks with the BBC –and the man he bugged- on the BBC web site:

Listen for a great quote from Grant about the kind of news being published by media giants such as News Corp. today: “Probably all of of is interesting to the public, they’re very good at that. But almost none of it is in the public interest.”

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What if real life was like social media?

A funny and slightly disturbing promo for a new opera being billed as a ‘cautionary tale of the dark side of the internet’:

Produced the the English National Opera Company and ‘inspired by actual events’, the opera is about a police detective whose investigation into a murder leads to a ‘bizarre nexus of chatroom meetings, mysterious internet identities, supposed spy rings and disturbing cybersex, leading to a stunning conclusion.’

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This instrument can teach…

Social Media as educational tool. YouTube’s historyteachers teach more in under five minutes than most students learn in a semester:

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It’s the Museum of Me… with Nazis!

Well.. not really.

No Nazis. But if you have a Flickr account it is possible to roam the halls of Castle Wolfenstein and admire your photo uploads on the walls of the creepy place.

If you don’t have an account (or don’t want your pictures accessed) you can still enter a query, like “kittens” or “Obama.”

Now if only the guards would show up…

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Axe twists Facebook application for a relationship made in… Tunisia

Axe found a way to use a common Facebook application to go viral in Tunisia:

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The best blow-up since Michelangelo Antonioni!

The French car maker Peugot’s amazing magazine ad campaign in Brazil:


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